Friday night The Princess and Bear had a sleep over with us. 


We have a rule about dirty little (or big) feet in our bed.  

Grandpa DD couldn’t resist this photo op.


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The Princess and the bangs

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The Princess and the monkey bars




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The Princess and the pre-school

 Today was the first day of pre-school for The Princess. She’s been anticipating this day ever since her brothers started school three weeks ago.

All the children in this particular pre-school decorate a bucket to carry their lunch, art projects and other things they bring to or from school. Mindi asked me to decorate a bucket for The Princess and at Mindi’s suggestion I embroidered her name on fabric. I put it together and took it apart three times and I’m still not totally happy but…

The Princess and her mother are!




I can’t believe she’s 3 1/2 and going to “school”!!


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Today in Photos


The Princess getting her morning  iPhone fix.


Bear doing his morning Wii Yoga before he goes to kindergarten.


The Princess & DD walked to school to pickup the boys complete with sunglasses and Popsicles.


It’s fire season in Southern California. This firefighting plane flies over our house several times a day. It gets water from a neighboring lake.

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A Mommy Daughter Date


Today Mindi had the a day off from working at the theater. The Princess has been feeling very left out with her brothers going to school without her.


So The Mommy and The Princess went to Disneyland!


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Lazy Days of Summer

I don’t know if I’ll ever understand why I can’t always roll with the punches. I’ve had my share of them but every now and then I have some difficulty jumping back up when they come one right after another. I feel like I’ve put my life on hold and “Darn It!” it’s time to get back in the game.

Here is the past several months all rolled up into one photo/video post. Fun, stress, excitement, worry, friends, disappointment, family and more stress.

That’s what life is all about…isn’t it? 


Bear graduated from pre-school.


NY had lasik surgery. This is a fairly common procedure to correct vision. Because he had RK (Radial Keratotomy) surgery 25 years ago the surgery was much more complicated.


The Princess finally has enough hair to pull up into ribbons and bows. Mindi’s mom said that when Mindi was little, she had very fine hair like The Princess. Now Mindi has thick gorgeous hair so, like mother, like daughter, right?


We put the swimming pool up. Actually we bought a new one as last years had a fast (opposed to slow) leak.


A new swing set made our little backyard more like a “Park” as The Princess and Bear like to say.


Sometimes we took the grand kids to the theater and sometimes we went alone.


Just like the theater, we took the grand kids to Disneyland and many times we went alone or met with family for a birthday celebration.


We reviewed Trix cereal for The Way I See It Too

And Monkey Boy tried his skills at opening a can of soup. I have to say, I stopped the camera so my laughter could not be heard!! 


We took our Cub Scouts to the Train Museum. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow for enough time and were only able to see the Street Car warehouse.



There was a bumper crop of grapes in the backyard. The vines grew everywhere! There are even grapes growing outside our upstairs bedroom window in the orange trees.


Monkey Boy cracks me up!! We had just picked a huge bowl of grapes and he picked up a bunch with the leaves still attached.

“Look!” he said, “The Olive Garden Restraunt!” 


Monkey Boy practiced for the Olympics.


The Princess wrote drew love notes for everyone.


One summer afternoon my dear friend Diane and three of her grandchildren came for a visit and sleep over. The six “cousins” had a lovely time. They went swimming, swinging, climbing, and ate grapes right off the vine. We’d peek outside and one or more of them would be holding up a huge bunch of grapes and would be biting the grapes off. Six yummy but sticky kiddos letting their imaginations run wild with each other!

Diane and I have been dear friends for 50 years! We met when we were pre-schoolers and have been through good and bad times together. The day after Britt died, she left her family, boarded a plane and stayed with me for over a week. Most importantly, Diane introduced me to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by inviting me to Girl’s Camp.

Have I said thank you recently Diane, and told you how much I love you and how much you mean to me?


Monkey Boy traced The Princess…


..and The Princess traced Monkey Boy. NY came in the house that evening and said with all the bodies drawn on the patio we had the perfect crime scene minus the yellow crime scene tape. Six kids and they had all been tracing each other!


I noticed the beautiful blooming trees along the drive way of our local market.


We celebrated Brian’s 32nd birthday,


and the 1st birthday of our little city. At the city celebration, Monkey Boy and Bear played a wicked game of laser tag. Bear went right for the target…


…while Monkey Boy used a bit of strategy.


Monkey Boy took a flying leap down the giant slide…


…fearlessly followed by The Princess…


…who took the shortcut to the top of the slide while Bear was sliding down…


…because she wanted to  go down again with her mother.

The guy who ran the giant slide was not happy with The Princess running up the down. LOL!! Not happy at all.


We met up with one of our Cub Scouts. Monkey Boy jumps and flips first followed by his pal.


Some days at Disneyland were spent just walking around,


or sitting in the shade while the little ones climbed the rock wall.



The kids and the babies cooled off at the beach.









This video is of  The Princess playing in the water at the beach. Her little feet are getting sucked into the sand 48 seconds into the video and at 1:04 she does the most adorable little turn about.

She’s my grand daughter!! What more can I say?


We went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.


Where I was able to meet my dear blogging  friend, Caryn.


Mr. Gravity was the head clown and Monkey Boy’s favorite.


Ny’s brother Gary came for a visit with his grandson Derek.


My mom came for a visit while my sister went on a camping holiday. She’s a kick in the pants with her antics but I spent many a day and night in tears. We learned a lot about  Alzheimer’s Disease.  The full story is here. At times she was totally lucid but a moment later would ask me where the man on the floor under the table went. “What man?” I asked. “Well I didn’t get his name.” she replied.

She needs 24/7 care and we couldn’t leave the room (to use the bathroom) without her taking that opportunity to get into mischief. She fell down our stairs twice. We spent a day in the ER and x-rays and a cat scan showed mom to be fine. She’s stealth! Even with a baby monitor in her room we weren’t able to hear her get up and sneak around in the early morning hours. The hospital told us it’s come to the point where she cannot be at home anymore. Mom’s back at my sister’s house and we’re working with the doctors to place her where she can get around the clock care in a safe environment.


There were picnics in the backyard.


And days The Princess would dress herself.


NY’s vision is slowly improving. Very slowly. He’s been released to return to work by our orthepedic surgeon (bombing injuries) but now our opthmalogist won’t release him to go back in the air.


We had four generations.


And Monkey Boy mastered the handstand!!

Summer’s almost over as the grand babies all start school on Wednesday.

Monkey Boy age 9 will be in the fourth grade.

Fourth grade in California includes California history. We would like to take him to visit all the California Missions.

Bear will be in Kindergarten. 

The Princess will be in pre-school.


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