Sunday Blessings


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What am I thankful for?

~ Brian. We celebrated Brian’s birthday this week. Thirty-two years ago at the hospital where he was born, he was one of the first babies born with the father present and without any medications.  The nurses were a bit on edge and out of sorts and whisked Brian away right after birth. I remember the first time I held him three hours later. Just me and this teeny tiny baby all alone in my room. I stared at him and he at me. I had never felt love like that before.

~ Paula. My dear friend who gives 110% at everything she does. We celebrated our little city’s first birthday this week. (Same day as Brian’s!!) Paula organized a wonderful “party” with an incredible fireworks display and it didn’t cost the city a penny. Hooray Paula!!

~ Aaron Lopez. He is our Gospel Doctrine teacher at church and always gives the perfect lesson. I wonder how he knows exactly what I need?

~ America. I’m so thankful for the blessing of living in America. Our country is not perfect but I believe it to be the most compassionate and giving country on the planet.

~ Hope. I for the best in all things. I hope my son will find work. I hope NY’s vision will improve. I hope my body will loose the stress!!

~ Faith. I have faith in my “hope” that all will be well.

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Sunday Blessings

It’s been an interesting week which I don’t think I used very wisely.

I’m grateful

to know that next week is another opportunity to achieve greatness.

for evenings in the backyard with The Princess and Bear.

that NY’s vision has greatly improved since his surgery.

for NY who has given of himself unconditionally since the day Brian & Todd became part of his life.

for all the Father’s in my life on this special Sabbath day.


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NY 11 days post-op…..

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Sunday Blessings

Sunday’s are indeed my favorite day of the week. On this new Sabbath day I am thankful for,

5 year old Bear who turns 6 today. Happy Birthday Bear!!

Bear’s pre-school graduation and how well he performed.

The Book of Mormon and the stories that come to life.

my New York.



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When the movie’s over


This afternoon we took the grandbabies to see the film “Up”.

A good time was had by all!!

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Sunday Blessings

This has been a very busy week for us.

On this Sabbath day I’m thankful for…

the power of fasting and prayer.

the access we have to the very best doctors.

my husband who leads our home in righteousness.

grandchildren and sleepovers.


the blessing I had to participate in the Saturday morning cleaning of our church.

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